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GET CREATIVE and CREATE YOUR OWN PAIR OF CUSTOM SWIM SHORTS Go full-on fancy and get your Arthus Boy customised with inspirational colours and personalize it with the prints of your choice.

Customise your Arthus Boy swim short with inspirational colours and personalize it with the prints of your choice.

Colours and Sample Matching
Bluemint will try to match colours as closely as possible. Exact colour matching is not always possible and Bluemint is unable to guarantee exact match. As such the customer has no right to reject or return the goods on these grounds. We will contact you for your final approval before proceeding with the production.
Bluemint does not accept responsibility for the quality of images sent to us, the higher the quality of image the better the print.
Licensed or copyright images, logos or trademarks must not be submitted to Bluemint by the customer for reprint without the consent of the owner. Bluemint shall not be liable for any claim or expense arising out of any illegal or libelous matter printed for the customer or any infringement of copyright or patent or similar right resulting from compliance of the customers instructions either expressed or implied. Any legal costs incurred in such matter shall be borne by the customer.

Bluemint reserves the right to cancel and refund with immediate effect all orders relating to images Bluemint deem to be copyright, or have justifiable concern that images requested to be printed are copyright or detriment to the Bluemint brand.