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This is the perfect guidebook for all artlovers who visit or live in London, and an essential reference book for anyone interested in the history of art. Its unique approach draws on the cream of London's museums and galleries to create an easily navigable, narrative history of art and allows you to locate your favourite artist or style of art in any museum and follow it throughout the museums of London. Do you like the pre-Raphaelites? This book will show you where to find their works in London, from great masterpieces in world-famous institutions to hidden gems housed in galleries off the beaten track. From Burne-Jones's stained glass in Holy Trinity Church in Sloane Street, move on to Millais's Ophelia in Tate Britain; jump on the tube to visit the fine selection of pre-Raphaelite paintings at the William Morris Gallery. The Art Guide also features concise histories and critical analyses of many important artists as well as key movements, showing you where to see, for example, Francis Bacon's iconic works and pinpointing his London haunts.